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Name & Description Validation Status Regulatory Status Effect or Potential Effect on Animal Use
Mouse Bioassay (PSP)
(Association of Official Analytical Chemists [AOAC] Official Method 959.08)
Jellett Rapid Test (formerly MIST AlertTM test)
Description and references
Not formally validated FAO/WHO: accepted as a screening test (it is not accepted as a stand-alone test because it is a qualitative method) (Codex Tentative Method of Analysis, Type IV) (2004)

US: Accepted by the USDA for use by the US National Shellfish Sanitation Program (2004)

(Reduction of animal use by up to 30%)
May 2012
Pre-column HPLC Method (Lawrence method)
Description and references
Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC): validated through collaborative trial (2005)

EU: Inter-laboratory validation study using AOAC official method 2005.06 organized by the Community Reference Laboratory of Marine Biotoxins (CRLMB) concluded that the test can be useful as a screening method but needs further work to implement it for Official PSP Control and as a Reference Method at the EU (2007)

AOAC Official Method 2005.06

FAO/WHO: accepted as a screening test (Codex Type IV method [Tentative Method of Analysis]  but could be promoted to Type III [Alternative Approved Method of Analysis] through further validation studies)

Replacement May 2012


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