Conventional Test Method:

Acute Eye Irritation/Corrosion (Draize rabbit eye irritation test) (OECD TG 405)

Alternative Test Method:

Name & Description:

Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability (BCOP) Test Method

Exposes isolated bovine cornea (obtained from slaughterhouses) to the test substance; evaluates permeability to fluorescein dye  and the change in transmission of light through the cornea (corneal opacity) to determine the irritation or corrosion potential of a substance.

Validation Status:

OECD: Validated

EU: Endorsed as valid by ESAC (2007)

US: Endorsed as valid by ICCVAM (2007)

Regulatory Status:

OECD: TG 437 (2013)

EU: Accepted for use to positively identify and label substances as severe eye irritants (R41) (2002)

US: Accepted as a screening test to detect ocular corrosives and severe irritants in a tiered testing strategy (2008)

Effect or Potential Effect on Animal Use:

(Substances identified as irritants by test will not progress to animal testing)

Information Last Reviewed:
June 2014