Conventional Test Method:

Two-Generation Reproductive Toxicity (OECD TG 416)

Alternative Test Method:

Name & Description:

CertiChem Inc. MCF-7 Cell Proliferation Assay of Estrogenic Activity

This measures whether, and to what extent, a substance induces cell proliferation via estrogen receptor (ER) mediated pathways. Testing is done using MCF-7 cells, an immortalized human breast adenocarcinoma cell line that endogenously expresses ERs.

Validation Status:

US: An intralaboratory validation study has been initiated at CertiChem laboratories. ICCVAM has recommended that the assay be given a high priority for additional validation.

Regulatory Status:

No information

Effect or Potential Effect on Animal Use:



(as part of a tiered testing strategy)

Information Last Reviewed:
May 2012