Chronic/Repeated Dose Toxicity

test method

Alternative Test Method

Last Reviewed
Name & Description Validation Status Regulatory Status Effect or Potential Effect on Animal Use
Chronic Toxicity Study, second species, for pesticides
(OECD TG 452)
Repeated Dose 90-Day Oral Toxicity Study in Non-Rodents
Description and references
EU: Endorsed as a valid strategy by ECVAM (2006) OECD: TG 409 (1998)

US: Accepted by EPA (2007)

(Duration of animal test period is shorter)
May 2012
Repeated Dose 28-day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents
(OECD TG 407)

Reproduction/ Developmental Toxicity Screening Test
(OECD TG 421)

Combined Repeated Dose Toxicity Study with the Reproduction/ Developmental Toxicity Screening Test
Description and references
No information OECD: TG 422 (1996) Reduction May 2012


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