Acute Aquatic Toxicity

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Name & Description Validation Status Regulatory Status Effect or Potential Effect on Animal Use
Fish Acute Toxicity
(OECD TG 403)
Upper Threshold Concentration (UTC) Step-Down Approach
(a tiered testing strategy to be implemented with OECD TG 203)
Description and references
EU: Endorsed as a valid testing strategy by ESAC EU: Accepted for the assessment of acute aquatic toxicity for hazard classification (2006) Reduction
(Reduces the number of fish used by 65%)
May 2012
Fish Embryo Toxicity (FET) Test
Description and references
OECD: Validated OECD: TG 236 (2013) Replacement
(relative replacement meaning replacing more sentient animals with animals that current scientific peer advice and interpretation of scientific evidence indicate have a lower potential for pain perception)
June 2014


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