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Alternative Test Methods

Alternative Test Methods

The Alternative Test Methods Table is a resource for investigators and regulators on the validation and regulatory status of alternatives to animal-based regulatory test methods.

It includes only those methods which have at least reached the stage of being considered for a validation study (i.e. method development, pre-validation, and method/protocol standardization are complete).

Please be aware that this table is subject to continual review and updates. Each alternative method indicates when the information for that particular method was last reviewed or updated by the CCAC.

While all attempts have been made to provide accurate information due to the wide scope of the project, some errors and omissions may exist. Therefore, we invite you to contact us at with corrections or additions to the table.

Using the Table

Test methods are grouped by category of use (i.e. carcinogenicity, skin irritation, etc.) and further organized by the name of the “conventional test method” (i.e. the test that the alternative proposes to supplant).

Next to each conventional test method, you will find descriptions of possible alternative test methods, information about the validation and regulatory status of the alternative and the potential effect on animal use (i.e. whether the alternative test provides a replacement, reduction or refinement to the conventional test method). References for each alternative method can be found by clicking on the "Description and references" link.

List of Abbreviations

Acronyms have been used extensively in the Alternative Test Methods Table. A list of the most commonly used acronyms can be accessed by clicking on the List of Abbreviations link located below the table.

Test Methods Categories

Dermal Tests