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The following peer-reviewed journals publish research related to the Three Rs:

  • ALTEX (Alternatives to Animal Experiments) publishes research on the development and promotion of alternatives to animal experiments.
  • Animals is an international and interdisciplinary scholarly open access journal. It publishes reviews, regular research papers, communications, and short notes that are relevant to any field of study that involves animals, including zoology, ethnozoology, animal science, animal ethics and animal welfare.
  • Animal Welfare publishes scientific research and technical studies related to the welfare of animals on farms, in zoos, in laboratories, as companions or living in the wild.
  • Applied Animal Behaviour Science is an international journal reporting on the application of ethology to animals managed by humans, and publishes relevant information on the behaviour of animals used for a variety of purposes. Topics covered include: behaviour of farm, zoo and laboratory animals in relation to animal management and welfare; behaviour of companion animals in relation to behavioural problems; applied studies of the behaviour of wild animals; and methodological studies in relevant fields.
  • ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals) publishes research covering all aspects of the development, validation, introduction and use of alternatives to laboratory animals in biomedical research and toxicity testing.
  • Comparative Medicine publishes scholarly articles about animal models, animal biology, laboratory animal medicine, laboratory animal pathology, animal behaviour, animal biotechnology and other related topics.
  • ILAR Journal Online is the quarterly publication of the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR). Invited authors provide information for all who use, care for, and oversee the use of laboratory animals. Issue themes and article topics are pertinent for investigators in biomedical and related research, institutional officials for research, veterinarians, and members of animal care committees.
  • JAAWS (Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science) publishes articles and reports discussing methods of experimentation, husbandry and care that enhance the welfare of animals in laboratories, farms, homes and the wild.
  • Laboratory Animals is an international journal that covers all aspects of laboratory animal science in biomedical research. Particular emphasis is given to research that reduces the number of animals used, or refinements for animal-based procedures, leading to improvements in animal welfare.
  • Perspectives in Laboratory Animal Science (PiLAS) aims to improve the quality of discussion about animal experimentation and alternative approaches, by offering bio-scientists in all relevant fields an opportunity to share their expertise, knowledge and ideas concerning these and other issues raised by laboratory animal use.
  • Toxicology In Vitro publishes original research papers and reviews on the application and use of in vitro systems for assessing or predicting the toxic effects of chemicals and elucidating their mechanisms of action.

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