Tissue Sharing

A number of tissue sharing and banking strategies can contribute to reduction numbers of animals used in science.

Institutions and/or laboratories can coordinate their use of animals by alerting investigators about animal availability and when animals are going to be killed for tissues. For example, if one investigator intends to carry out a study on perfused livers, other investigators may be able to make use of the kidneys, brain tissue, serum or other components of the same animals.

Banking and using tissues and blood from humanely killed animals will avoid the unnecessary killing of other animals.



Cryopreservation is the process of freezing cells or tissue at very low temperatures that ensure the viability of the material is maintained. It can be used to archive genetic material from animal lines that are currently not needed, and therefore avoid unnecessary maintenance of live breeding colonies and the associated surplus animals. It may be particularly useful for maintaining strains of genetically engineered animals.

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