Wildlife Protocol Review

To assist with implementation of the Three Rs, ACC members may wish to consider the following questions during review of wildlife research protocols:

  • Would a pilot study be useful to assess animal welfare effects of the research?
  • How will the study population be affected by the research?
  • Does the conservation benefit outweigh any individual pain and/or distress?
  • Is there a plan to minimize and mitigate the stress from capture and handling?
  • Will telemetry devices impact the animal’s mobility and/or ability to evade predators or mate?
  • Will telemetry device attachment methods cause any physical harm, such as skin abrasion, impairment of movement, feather loss and necrosis and is there a plan to mitigate these effects?

Adapted from McMahon C.R., Collier N., Northfield J.K. and Glen F. (2011) Taking the time to assess the effects of remote sensing and tracking devices on animals. Animal Welfare 20(4):515-521.

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