GEA Protocol Review

To assist with implementation of the Three Rs, ACC members may wish to consider the following questions during review of genetically engineered animal (GEA) research protocols:

  • Is a new genetically engineered animal being created? If yes, would it be more efficient to outsource this production?
  • Are details of the proposed genetic modification and expected impact on the animal’s phenotype provided?
  • What monitoring systems will be put in place to detect unexpected adverse effects of the genotype?
  • Does the institution have the appropriate facilities to house these animals?
  • Have the least invasive methods/techniques for genotyping been considered? If the less invasive methods are not possible, have the more invasive techniques been justified?
  • If use of an existing GE animal is proposed, does the protocol provide details of the phenotype, known or expected adverse side effects and the care required to address these effects?

Adapted from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Animal Welfare Committee (2007) NHMRC Guidelines for the Generation, Breeding, Care and Use of Genetically Modified and Cloned Animals for Scientific Purposes. Canberra, Australia: NHMRC.

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