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Animal Care Committees

Protocol Review

To assist with implementation of the Three Rs, ACC members may wish to consider the following questions during protocol review:

  • Is the proposed experiment duplicative?
  • Are there any in vitro techniques that could replace use of animals?
  • Are there any alternative animal models of lower sentience (i.e. invertebrates)?
  • Is there useful and current information about the proposed animal model?
  • Is there information on the proposed model that might allow the use of fewer animals or might reduce the pain experienced by the animals?
  • Could in vitro methods be incorporated in any way into the protocol to reduce the number of animals used (e.g. for early screening)?
  • Have statistical methods been used to determine sample sizes?
  • Is there a way to decrease the level of invasiveness of the protocol without compromising the scientific objective?
  • Is there information about assessing welfare and the level of pain of the animals?

ACC members may also wish to consider the following questions during review of protocols involving the use of wildlife and genetically engineered animals.

CCAC guidelines on protocol review can be found here.

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