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Animal Care Committees

Animal Care Committees

In Canada, institutional Animal Care Committees (ACCs) are responsible for reviewing animal use protocols and providing animal use oversight at their institution. Resources for ACC members and additional resources specific for lay community representatives are available to inform and support ACC members.

Other Useful Tools for ACC Members

ACC members may find it useful to know that Three Rs information searches can be facilitated using:

ACC members may also wish to consider:

  • certain questions relating to the Three Rs during protocol review
  • information contained in SOPs from other Canadian institutions

General information on the Three Rs and animal welfare can be found in the About the Three Rs section of this microsite. Information about the oversight of scientific animal use in Canada is described on the CCAC website.

Reports on Opportunities to Implement the Three Rs

To help identify opportunities for implementation of the Three Rs in Canada, the CCAC has collected data and reported on the following topics:

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